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Close Head Rums

For easy flow of liquid products

Full Opened Head

For non liquid products.

Lacquer Lined

For aggressive chemicals & foodgrade.


hen PT Poli Contindo Nusa started its commercial production of drums in May 1990, it was to supply chemicals containers for its owned group and oil containers for the state – owned oil company.

With the steady growth of non-oil export, there became a distinctive increase in the demand for drums of international standard, such as the inside coating for food, products and hazardous chemicals. In a few years, besides serving its first customers, PT Poli Contindo Nusa was also supplying drums to numerous non oil companies following to the international standard. The destination of the drums, since then have reached far across the world to Singapore, Japan, China, USA, Europe, Africa, and many other continents.


oday, with its export quality, and the largest portion of its drums being sent all over the world, PT Poli Contindo Nusa is now leader in Indonesia's drum market.

The Important Advantage

The important advantages over other drum manufacturers are that it has the most spacious and strategic storage space: 31,285 sqm in North Jakarta, only minutes away from the Tanjung Priok harbour. It has also capacity of 300 drums per hour, amounting to 1.5 million drums per year.

Besides its strategic location, space and capacity, PT Poli Contindo Nusa’s unique feature is that its own in-house laboratory, crucial for the test of product, and the checking of incoming raw materials.

Creating the perfect drums

Major food companies have entrusted PT Poli Contindo Nusa with their products, in which accuracy in choosing the type if inside coating is crucial.

There is an endless improvement of the technology, and distinctive characteristics of PT Poli Contindo Nusa’s drums reflect its utmost care in creating the perfect drums :

  • The use of triple seams, the latest improvement to the double seams. The triple seams on sealing the lid to the body of the drum make up for seven layers of tightly pressed steel, ensuring extra strength.
  • Corrosion proof
  • The drums are painted with hot airless paint spray with curing temperature of up to 200 degrees centigrade, giving the drums longer durability and a solid resistance against weather and abrasion.
  • For lacquer lined drums, the inside is coated with hot airless lacquer spray with a curing temperature of up to 230 degrees, giving solid chemical resistance against contamination and longer durability.
  • You have the insurance that coating materials for drums of PT Poli Contindo Nusa are manufactured under the FDA standards.

PT Poli Contindo Nusa
drums undergo severe control, including simulated ‘tortures’ that the drums will go through, from factory to unloading.

  1. Destructive test to ensure the endurance
    • Drop test
    • Hydrostatic test / Internal Pressure test
    • Stacking test
  2. Total Inspection to ensure physical performance
    • Leakage (leak proof test / air pressure test)