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Baja dengan lapisan seng, permukaan rata dan mengkilap, memiliki daya tahan tinggi terhadap korosi.


Baja dengan lapisan seng dan besi, memiliki permukaan rata berwarna abu-abu tanpa spangle.


Baja bergelombang yang terbuat dari plat baja yang dikorogasi dan di finishing menggunaklan anti karat.


o support the rapid growth of industry in Indonesia, especially in the field of construction and automotive, PT. Tumbakmas Inti Mulia since 1997 to add new machines to increase production capacity to 155,000 M / T per year and install the High Skin Pass Mill machine to improve machanical property, flatness and smoothness of the product.

To strengthen the commitment in an effort to provide high quality products, at the beginning of 2003, we developed a new product called SUPER LOKFOM - high quality zinc coated steel with a surface that is smoother and brighter.

In 2006, we joined the KERISMAS GROUP.